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Carl Savard
Searching for ancestor without having the city info
Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:58am


I'm searching for the marriage record for:

Angel (Angelo?) Muzio (b. 26-7-1870 Italy) Father : Luis (Luigi?) Mother : Magdalena Ruffo

married: 8-12-1906 Italy

Celestina Muzio (b. 3-8-1886 Italy) Father : Antonio Muzio, Mother : Luisa Cavagnaro

I searched everywhere and I can't find find anything on them ?!?!

All I know is that Angel did his military service in Pacienza (Ottono) and that they migrated to Argentina shortly bet. 1906 and 1922.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated... :-)

Carl Savard, Montreal, Canada

    • On Thu Mar 30, 2017, Carl Savard, wrote: "Angel (Angelo?) Muzio (b. 26-7-1870 Italy)" "All I know is that Angel did his military service in Pacienza (Ottono)" [snip] Ok good, - you already have the... more
      • Angel Muziocsavard24, Mon May 1 4:16pm
        Wow... thanks a lot for all that information! It is greatly appreciated.... :-) I will send my letter tomorrow. I hope I get a successful reply asap so that I can show it to his daughter! Thanks,... more
    • Hello, you wrote: Angel (Angelo?) Muzio (b. 26-7-1870 Italy) Are you his descendant? I looked at your tree on I did not find that surname. So where did you obtain the MUZIO... more
      • Hi, He's my great-grand-stepfather. My grand-step-mother gave me the info (she's 95 years old). I did enter the info in Wikitree. I'm not doing professional research but I have 25 years experience in ... more
    • hintilariomauch, Wed Apr 12 7:35am
      good mornig It is not a easy task. But do not give up!! try here building your genealogy tree
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