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paula nigro
Italian National Archives - Maria Regina Iantomasi
Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:17pm

The 1884 Santa Croce di Magliano, Campobasso records do not contain the Italian Alphabetical-Index typically done at the end of the year. A number of the years in some of the collections do not have the Alphabetical index

So then I thought, --- oh --- ok, well perhaps she did a search on
Maria Regina Iantomasi - ( ? - ? )

"If so" - there are 2 hits, - 2 girls born with the same name.

They show one Maria Regina Iantomasi born in 1881 and another Maria Regina Iantomasi born in 1884 .

In reality, due to the Italian naming tradition - you may find more if you are doing a lot of research in that comune :
So, I hope you are positive about the names of her parents. Also double check the spelling of the mother's surname (LICURSI) on the 1884 image. I did not view the 1881 image as you said it was 1884.

First I tried to look at the 1884 records on the LDS -- Family Search doesNot allow viewing unless you go into their Family History Center.

Then I used the Italian National Archives Site

1884 Births

Parte 1
image 23
Atti di Nascita, Numero 40 (birth act #40)

  • Maria Regina IantomasiD Martin, Tue Feb 28 5:06am
    Looking for info on my Grandmother. b1884 in Santa Croce di Maglano, Campobasso, Italy. I have found her birth in the indices, but cannot find the actual birth record. Any help would be greatly... more
    • Italian National Archives - Maria Regina Iantomasi — paula nigro, Wed Apr 12 10:17pm
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