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paula nigro
Tronnolone and Vece
Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:57am

Hi Linda,
I read your anon Apr 21 reply giving the years and kept a notepad of it; see below for a copy and paste.

In 2010 the daughter of one of the nine (9) children of Giuseppe TRONNOLONE + Rosa VECE contacted me and gave me the information she knew about in 2010. I haven't looked at the branch since then.

The only "easily" available documents to view at that time were US census records and Passenger ship arrival records. Somehow Rosa VECE became "Veccio" on the Ship's Manifest according to transcriptions on "Passenger Lists: Italians to America, 1880-1893"
Vecchio, Rosa, Age : 21, Last Residence : San Fele, Arrival Date : Dec. 13, 1887, Ship's Name : Chandernagor.

In Western New York her surname spelling changed to Vecce. (double c)

Four other S.Fele researchers had connections back in time to that branch and also added information for publication on the historical tree. According to sources these are the children of Giuseppe Tronnolone and Rosa Vece:
Frank -- Maria D.(Mary) -- Daniel -- Maria J. "Jennie" -- Pasquale (Patrick Albert) -- Peter E. -- Anna -- John Richard -- James Norman.

Do you know of any other children by that couple? Also which of those children of Giuseppe and Rosa is you grandparent?

Thankfully many of the San Fele, PZ records from about 1810 to the early 1900s are now online in 2 places.
You, anonymous, wrote on Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:52pm:
"The records on line in Italy only go back to 1862"

I dont know about those records you referenced. Please give a link unless you meant the images of actual documents put online by the LDS church (the Mormons) FamilySearch site, which has images of Italian documents. Their internet servers are in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

We *all* need to double-check everything by viewing original documents, or images of original documents or writing to Italy and making requests if documents are not available online.

The 1864 San Fele Marriage records are not online on FamilySearch so that is why your message -- "on line in Italy only go back to 1862" -- interests me if those "on line in Italy" records include the 1864 marriages.

The San Fele Civil Records 1861-1929 images on the LDS FamilySearch Site (servers in the USA) are at:
Microfilms from:
Italy, Potenza, Melfi, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1861-1929 Italy.
Melfi Courthouse Archive (Tribunale di Melfi), Melfi, Potenza, Italy.

You can view and do your own proof-reading of the S.Fele marriage record of TRONNOLONE Giuseppe, age 22, and VECE Rosa, age 20, by downloading or viewing online the 1887 San Fele Matrimoni document.

This is the 1887 San Fele Marriage Registry cover:
---GO---about 2 clicks to Image 273 (274 is a copy of the same record)
to view the actual SF Civil marriage document and proof read it.

The 1866 SanFele birth record of Rosa VECE is here:

1866 Sanfele Nati, image79,
No D' Ordine 274
presentation to the Town Hall of SanFele on day 2 of October1866
birth on 1 October of Rosa VECE daughter of Antonio VECE, and Mariantonia ANDRIACCI

For the earllier years, since you have the dates, you can proof-all the Family Legends and extractions done by others by viewing for yourself the actual images of the older Sanfele documents put online by the Italian National Archives. Their servers are in Italy..

Italian Archives (in Italy) about 1800 to 1860
Click to go to the San Fele (Potenza Archives) images - an assortment of various holdings.

There are many TRONNOLONE in the SanFele records; not so many VECE. Most descendants of the Sanfelesi will have a TRONNOLONE in their family-tree once they do the research. Even I have a TRONNOLONE and I have not yet had enough time to try to find her collateral lines. Her collateral lines might give me possible cousin-relationships to other Sanfelesi descendants, which is always fun !

Double check everything you think you know and every extract or tip you find and every Family Legend given to you by other - by viewing the original documents yourself...

Best wishes

Author Anonymous
Subject Re: Tronnolone
Date Fri Apr 21, 2017 14:08
My great grandfather Giuseppe was born in the 1860's. His wife Rose was born in 1866.They married in 1887.His parents never came over here.There are Tronnolone's mentioned online but I don't know if they are related.

  • Re: TronnoloneLinda Kozlowski, Tue Apr 25 5:19am
    Paul, Would you happen to have any info on my great grandmother's side? Her name was Rose Vece,married Giuseppe Tronnolone. Her parents were Antonio Vece and Mariantonia Andriaccio.Rose was born in... more
    • VecePaul Oliver, Tue Apr 25 2:05pm
      Ancestors of Rosa Vece First Generation 1. Rosa Vece, daughter of Antonio Maria Vece and Mariantonia Andriaccio, was born on 1 Oct 1866 in San Fele, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy. Rosa married Giuseppe... more
      • 1887 Marriage of Tronnolone + Vecepaula nigro, Mon Aug 14 5:04pm
        According to the online SanFele Civil Records the 1887 marriage of TRONNOLONE Giuseppe, age 22 + VECE Rosa, age 20, occured on day eight of January that year. A translation of the Marriage document... more
    • Tronnolone and Vece — paula nigro, Tue Apr 25 11:57am
      • Re: Tronnolone and VeceLinda Kozlowski, Tue Apr 25 3:55pm
        Paula, Thank you so much for all your information. My grandmother was Anna. Yes there was 9 children and I knew that Rosa's name got changed. I have been looking at the Italian records on Family... more
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