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paula nigro
Re: Searching for ancestor without having the city info
Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:52pm

you wrote:
Angel (Angelo?) Muzio (b. 26-7-1870 Italy)

Are you his descendant?

I looked at your tree on

I did not find that surname.

So where did you obtain the MUZIO information?

From a wiki link I see that someone with your name edited some Muzio such as Celestina, Antonio, ecc
and also you have made many edits to Angel Muzio, so is this your ancestor and where did you obtain the information you posted in your message on this forum?

Also, from a wiki link a person with your name - is apparently affiliated with

Is that you? ... if so ... are you doing professional research? Or baptisms for the dead?

I was told that the French descendants in Quebec burned all the non-french birth, marriage and deaths records.

Is that true?

Paula Nigro

  • Searching for ancestor without having the city infoCarl Savard, Thu Mar 30 7:58am
    Hi, I'm searching for the marriage record for: Angel (Angelo?) Muzio (b. 26-7-1870 Italy) Father : Luis (Luigi?) Mother : Magdalena Ruffo married: 8-12-1906 Italy Celestina Muzio (b. 3-8-1886 Italy)... more
    • On Thu Mar 30, 2017, Carl Savard, wrote: "Angel (Angelo?) Muzio (b. 26-7-1870 Italy)" "All I know is that Angel did his military service in Pacienza (Ottono)" [snip] Ok good, - you already have the... more
      • Angel Muziocsavard24, Mon May 1 4:16pm
        Wow... thanks a lot for all that information! It is greatly appreciated.... :-) I will send my letter tomorrow. I hope I get a successful reply asap so that I can show it to his daughter! Thanks,... more
    • Re: Searching for ancestor without having the city info — paula nigro, Tue Apr 25 1:52pm
      • Hi, He's my great-grand-stepfather. My grand-step-mother gave me the info (she's 95 years old). I did enter the info in Wikitree. I'm not doing professional research but I have 25 years experience in ... more
    • hintilariomauch, Wed Apr 12 7:35am
      good mornig It is not a easy task. But do not give up!! try here building your genealogy tree
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