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paula nigro
Re: Nigro
Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:58pm

Paul, Thank you very much !!! you might imagine I am disappointed that the mother of Bartolomeo is not mentioned on his death record; she probably died young.

I downloaded his death record to take a better look. Their son Francesco (age 40 b: circa 1777) was a declarant reporting Bartolomeo's death to the S.Fele town Hall. The full record shows Laura Tronnolone still alive in 1817. Bart's death record gave me more proof of Francesco's about age. I already have Frank's 1813 marriage record to Catarina Radice. The other declarant was Potito Tronnolone - possibly (probably) a relative of Francesco's mother Laura Tronnolone.

The records I have on Bart's son Antonio Nigro married to Catarina La Morte (my direct line) include his death record showing him to be younger than Francesco. Now with this death record showing an Antonio to be the father of Bart and knowing that a first born son would have been named Antonio after Bart's dad I am wondering if there was a first born Antonio who died sometime after the birth of Francesco or if all the "about ages" are going to mix up. Maybe (never, hahah) the pre-1800 church records will be online.

Thank you again very much. You are the best.

  • NigroPaul Oliver, Tue Apr 25 6:25pm
    Paula, All I have is Bart's death record: 1st name, Surname, Occupation, Father's 1st, age, date, notes Bartolomeo, Nigro, bracciale, Antonio, 70, 9/1/1817, sp. Lucia Tronnolone
    • Re: Nigro — paula nigro, Thu Apr 27 3:58pm
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