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Sat Apr 29, 2017 3:55pm

I have very little possibility of finding the answer as I have so few clues but am trying to find out where my great great great grandfather came from. He was illiterate and I've found his name spelt many ways before it was eventually written as Alexander Belleini - so it was most likely originally Alessandro Bellini. His father was shown as Stephen,presumably or really Stefano. Alexander arrived in London in the early 1800s,A family story is that he came from Genoa but I don't if that was the city or the republic or if he simply sailed from there. Alexander was a picture frame maker and his father a farmer so I assume he learned his craft when there was no work on the land and he may have moved to Genoa to do this. He may have emigrated to find work or to avoid conscription into Napoleon's army - or both. Any ideas?

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