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paula nigro
Re: Help/Guidance
Mon Jul 3, 2017 6:44pm

Do NOT send money to Italy (or anyplace) unless the historical archive asks you to send money - *after* - they find what you are seeking or have already sent it to you.

Forget the International Reply Coupons. I donot even know if IRCs are still being sold.

Read this section:
::: [start reading here:]
Use the following statement (or something similar) in place of any mention of enclosing money: ...etc.

-----and this one:
::: [start reading here:]
C A U T I O N: (Editor's note)
Before reading the older notes beneath the red line below, please know that things change and *now* it is best to send a request to Italy before enclosing any payments... etc.

A good number (not all) of Italian B, M, and Death records are online, which is great for family tree research. Unfortunately, if the records are not online then you must write to the comune or province archive in question. Check first.

The online records are mostly from the Italian Province or Tribunale Archives. This applies to the images on the Italian Archives site and the Mormon FamilySearch site.

The Italian State Archives in Italy (Archivi di Stato)

---da 49 archivi di stato (aggiornamento Giugno 2017)

LDS/ Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) Italy - Historical Record Collections:

I confess I am not a fan of extracts and using surname searches on either of those sites. Extracts and transcriptions *often* contain incorrect dates, misspellings, and other errors.

Browsing the images one by one and viewing the names of everyone in a document is how I personally solved some of my brick walls. Researching collateral lines (brothers and sisters) also answered many questions for me. Personally, I love to look at ALL the images in whatever year I finally get around to viewing :-)) and finding possible connections. Yes, it takes much longer to browse entire images. Ultimately the payback for me is great. I am not in a rush. I enjoy the genealogy-trip.

*If* the documents you need are not online then you need to send requests to the comuni or the chiesi or get serious about collateral lines which is what I did.

Many of the sources in Italy no longer answer requests unless you go in person. Even then if the comune has a diminishing population then they no longer have a full-time priest who can answer your requests.

The Civil Servants in the Comuni Anagrafe / Stato Civile may not have time either. Most of the comuni do not have digitized images; unlike the Province Archives.

Now-a-days 'supposedly' according to gossip from a few Immigrants from Italy who returned to Italy to visit family on holiday, "after the EU messed up their economy" many of the comuni and the people are having a hard time. Therefore, it is a kindness to them if you receive an answer to a request that you send them a "tip" - although unless you disguise it, cash might not get there.

More info on Italian Genealogy research here:


  • Help/GuidanceDiCarluccio, Mon Jul 3 6:11am
    After quite a few years I am finally able to continue my genealogy research. I am sure things have changed so I need some guidance. I want to send letters to Italy to obtain birth, death, family... more
    • Re: Help/Guidance — paula nigro, Mon Jul 3 6:44pm
      • Help/GuidanceJune DiCarluccio, Mon Jul 3 7:55pm
        Thank you so very much Paula. Wow things really have changed. I was wondering what was going on with the IRC's. I went to the post office today and they didn't know what I was talking about. I will... more
        • Re: Help/Guidancepaula nigro, Mon Jul 3 10:14pm
          You're welcome June and yes it is a shame. Hopefully it will improve for them in all ways. Paula
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