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paula nigro
Re: relatives (Benevento - Montesarchio)
Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:31pm

The Comune di Montesarchio is in the province of Benevento (BN) in the region of Campania. Look under the province of Benevento.

Unfortunately, although the LDS / Latter Day Saints Italy - Historical Record Collections -

shows that there are images for Montesarchio they cannot allow you to view the images, except in-house, due to an agreement they made with the Archivio di Stato di Benevento.

There are usually very helpful volunteers in the Family History centers so you might enjoy going in and using one of their computers.

*** However ***
The Italian State Archives in Italy (Archivi di Stato)

put those images online.
You can them view from your home computer

Archivio di Stato di Benevento

There are images for Montesarchio in all 3 groupings:
- Stato civile napoleonico
- Stato civile della restaurazione
- Stato civile italiano

It seems, from other postings you have made, that you need to find more records in the USA confirming the spelling of your "Agonita" and "calabrasse" surnames.

A good number of surnames have died out in Italy so although these surnames are NOT currently shown in the Italy surname distribution map you need to find your ancestors’ USA passenger ship arrival records or other documents to discover if you are misspelling the surnames or they are surnames that died out.

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    I am looking for the Agonita calabrasse families from around he Montesarchio area. I have already done a lot of research through the LDS web site I have not tried again for a few years does any one... more
    • Re: relatives (Benevento - Montesarchio) — paula nigro, Fri Jul 14 7:31pm
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