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Romano Family Ravello
Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:48am

My Grandmother Carmela Romano was born in Ravello in 1899 and died in 1965 in Edinburgh, Scotland. She had two brothers Salvatore & Giuseppe.

Any information relating to the family would be much appreciated

Thank you

    • Romano & Ravelo Daniel, Tue Oct 17 12:36am
      Hi I have information on the ROMANO FAMIGLIA including marriage documents etc.
      • Romano Family RavelloRemo Lanni, Tue Oct 17 4:29am
        Hello Daniel, I have been searching the following website, you may already know it You can select Ravello and Scala from within the Salerno option, Regards
        • Re: Romano Family RavelloAnonymous, Tue Oct 17 5:28am
          Thank you for the message. I have copies of marriage promise, wedding etc between the Romano FAMIGLIA and the Paolillo FAMIGLIA. (My side) And would like to find out more. One blank area is how they... more
          • Romano Family RavelloAnonymous, Tue Oct 17 11:19am
            I have looked at the UK records for Paolillo and they show a Raffaele born in 1882, married in 1908 and died in 1958 in Wandsworth London. What is confusing is that it does not confirm your... more
            • Re: Romano Family RavelloAnonymous, Thu Oct 26 6:03pm
              My Grandmothers "maiden" name is Eposito. I have her death certificate. She married my Grandfather Raffeal Paolillo in 1908. If you want further information about the Romano Family and the marriage... more
            • Romano from Revel & Paolillo from ScalaDaniel, Wed Oct 18 3:01pm
              Hi Anon Romano & Paolillo are my Great Grandparents I have the marriage certificate for my Grand Parents. They were married at St Peters church on Farringdon Rd London. (I still go there) plus I have ... more
    • Ravelo & Romano famiglia Anonymous, Wed Jul 19 2:37am
      Hi I too have been looking into the Romano from Ravelo as my family are from Scala (just above Ravelo) & I believe this is where my Grandmother came from. As some of the history papers BMD's mention... more
      • RomanoCeil, Wed Jul 19 7:45am
        Hi, Romano is a common name I believe, My Grandmothers name was Lucia Romano, she was from Monreale Sicily,I don't know if she was born there, her father was Giacomo Romano. Don't know what her... more
      • Romano Family RavelloRemo, Wed Jul 19 5:07am
        Hi, I know that her father was Pantaleone and her mother was Rosa Di Palma
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