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Janice Nast
Naste, Nasti, Nasto, Nato...???
Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:03pm

First, I would like to say thank you to all who read this inquiry. Tracing family roots is difficult and time consuming so I appreciate the consideration.
Our family story is not unlike many during the 1890s.

My name is Jan Nast and my son, James', great grandfather was John Naste(?). We are trying to locate information on this lost part of our family.

John Naste came to the US in 1890 along with what appears to be an older brother, Vincent. They were 8 and 10, upon arrival placed a Catholic industrial school, orphanage, in Oyster Bay NY. At the time they could not speak English, so they were given the name Naste, according to records. They traveled on the ship, SS California, arriving in Castle Garden, NY on the 24th of September 1890. Their names Giovanni and Vincenzo Nasto on the transcript translated to John and Vincent Naste. They emigrated from the port of Naples and the region Napoli their last known address noted as farmers.

Vincent Naste was completely lost after the 1892 census but John remained in NYC, married, and opened a successful barbershop. I have no way to make any determining birth, marriage, death, etc. factors in the records without even a proper surname.

Thank you for reading this inquiry and for sharing any information, stories, etc. you may have.

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