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Researching birth certificates
Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:38pm

Hello everyone! I am trying to research some family history but I have reached a point where I don't know how to progress and i was wondering if someone could point me in the correct direction.

I'm researching for a man called Antonio Brondino born in 1856, we think in Cuneo (We don't have any evidence of this but a name search seems to concentrate around here). He got married to a Catalina Sciolla born 1870 (we again think around Cuneo). They married, moved to Argentina had children and died. We can find their childrens birth records and their death certificates. What we can't find is where they were from in Italy.

Does anyone know if there are centralised registers of Birth? Or how I best approach this situation? I tried looking on familytree etc but to no avail!


    • Re: Researching birth certificatespaula nigro, Thu Mar 1 6:21pm
      IF you do NOT have their marriage record – get it first. Depending on the era - Italian marriage records give full names of the bride and groom, ages, parents’ names, current residences at time of... more
    • Place of Birthanonymous , Thu Feb 1 1:08pm
      Your best bet may be to see if Argentina has immigration records. You probably can find that out at the Argentine embassy. If so it would probably give where in Italy they came from. He probably... more
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