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paula nigro
Re: Researching birth certificates
Thu Mar 1, 2018 6:21pm

IF you do NOT have their marriage record – get it first.

Depending on the era - Italian marriage records give full names of the bride and groom, ages, parents’ names, current residences at time of marriage and often the place/s of birth for the bride and groom. Sometimes, in some years, the birth location is only shown in the registry "alphabetical index" of the marriage year under the column "Patria" or a similar heading. This Italian written Alphabetical 'index' has a list of all the marriages that occurred in that year and that are in the portfolio you are viewing.

If they married in Italy - the tradition is to marry in the birth comune(*) of the bride.

It is very -important- to study entire the marriage record of the couple to ID the names of their parents and the ages of the couple.

Sometimes the only differences you will find with two people given the same forename and surname will be their birth middle names (which will be included in marriage records) or a different name for the mother of either the groom or the bride or their birth date.

The Italian Archives in Italy and also the Mormon FamilySearch sites have published collections of 'some' Italian Primary Source documents; actual images. All the indexes by volunteers have mistakes even on records that are all in English. Try to see the document whenever possible.

Here are some online links where you can try to find Italian marriage records online:

LDS FamilySearch Italy:

If FamilySearch takes the images offline and only allows you (or anyone) to view what someone has extracted and put online as text only, do not trust it. Use it as reference and SEND A REQUEST TO ITALY for the record. An extract from the Italian comune Civil Servant (Anagrafe / Stato Civile) will be done by someone who is used to reading Italian and working with those older records and older wording. You might also be able to obtain a photocopy from the Italian Province Archive after you know positively where they were married and born and if they have microfilms for those years.

Italian Genealogy Form Letters to send to Italy:

The above is general information for research in Italy. I personally have never done any research in the areas showing the distribution of your Italian surnames of interest.

Best wishes in your research
* In Italy there is one N in Comune, in other places like France and Hippie Communes there are 2-Ns -:))

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