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paula nigro
Re: Pierini in Perugia
Thu Mar 22, 2018 12:10pm

On Mar 11, 2018, Dorothy Pierini-Rodgers wrote:
"My grandmothers name was Maria Pierini and my grandfathers name was Mariano Pierini, I do know that my grandparents Maria and Mariano were married in Perugia in 1926. I have Officiale Dello Stato Civile Del Commune Di Perugia Provincia Dellumbria - Does this mean they were married in the church?"

No, it does not appear to be a Catholic Church document. Based on what you typed you have info on a presentation to the Official (person) of the Vital Records of the Comune of Perugia. The Municipality /Town (Comune) of Perugia was in the Province of Umbria, now Province of Perugia in the Regione di Umbria.

I viewed your grandparents' 1926 Comune di Perugia Civil marriage record, which is online at the Mormon familysearch site, to verify if the bride and groom were both born with the same surname PIERINI and to proof your other info.

NOTE: Italian women keep their birth surname for life even after marriage.

FamilySearch title for that group of records is:
"Italy, Perugia, Perugia, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1861-1929"
Matrimoni records 1925 thru 1929
Here is the link to your ancestors' marriage record:

The following is my *basic* translation for the 1926 Perugia Matri-image522, atto#336:

1926 - ATTI DI MATRIMONIO (Civil Marriage) Number 336
The year 1926, day 19 of August before noon 11:40 a.m. in the casa communale (Municipal Hall) of Perugia, Province of Umbria, open to the public -
Standing before me, DONNINI Cav. Guglielmo, Assessore (alderman/councilman) appointed by the Mayor with an Act dated 10 July 1925 - - - , Uffiziale (Official) of the Civil Register, performing in formal capacity,
appeared personally : 1* -PIERINI Mariano, age 37, possidente (proprietor), unmarried, living in Perugia son of Leonardo [Pierini] and the deceased PIEROTTI Assunta, resident in life [in Perugia] and
: 2* - PIERINI Maria, age 26, housewife, unmarried, living in Perugia, daughter of Carlo [Pierini] resident of same and of ZEPPETTI Azzolina, resident \/[same]

Again, it is *not* a church marriage record although one of the witnesses was a priest. Often the same witnesses will appear at more than one event in a TownHall / Municipal Hall in a week or month or year.

When doing Italian genealogy research it helps to view other records in a certain year to solve handwriting mysteries. Also, it is beneficial to look at births and marriages (collateral lines) in the same family group in whatever year you can find them.

The first letter in the first name of Azzolina ZEPPETTI may look like an O - however the handwriting "A" matches other A -s on that page, including the month of Agosto(August) and also to other A -s on the document to the right of your grands marriage. I downloaded the record so I could view it as a static image rather than the floaty JavaScript Gui so it was easier to see the A -s. You might take the time to look at the alphabetical index to help you proof read your family record.

Image 697 starts the year1926 alphabetical index

Since Assunta PIEROTTI, the mother of the groom, was deceased at the time of her son's marriage in 1926 - her death record might give you more information on her family. It is up to you to go backwards in time year by year until you proof your family-legends. Death records are usually accurate on the date of death but other details may be sketchy or wrong. Collect genealogy source records for your family tree to proof everything. Try to obtain 3 primary source records minimum on each individual. Do not jump to conclusions based on one record. Marriage records are gold if you can find the supporting records that had to be filed before the marriage. I did not check to see if they put up the Allegati , Pubblicazioni (marriage banns)etc for that Comune or year.

Read through the Italian genealogy articles on the link below to help you learn to do your own Italian Family Research:

If you want a copy or an extract of your grands Catholic Church Marriage write to the Church in Italy. Do a search on Italy google =
try this search string:
Comune di Perugia, Chiesa Catttolica
and / or write to the mayor of the Comune di Perugia and 'maybe' your request will be forwarded to the Archdiocese or perhaps they will offer more suggestions if you ask them in your initial request.

These are Italian Genealogy Form Letters to help you make-up your letter/s if you are so inclined:

Paula Nigro

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