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Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:00pm

Hi, I am searching for information on Salvatore D'Alessandro family. He was my great grandfather, His wifes name was Mildred. His mom's name was Concetta and his father was John. He was born December 25th 1889. my grandfathers name was also John (My grandfather). I am trying to find out what town he was born in. All I know is he is from Calabria, but as you know that is very broad. Any information would help!! I have my citizenship app in a year and a half which means I have to have all paperwork well before then and I have no idea which town to start traveling to for his birth certificate!! Thank you!!

    • Italian Ancestor Originsp. nigro, Mon Apr 23 3:05pm
      Italian Ancestor Origins Italian Immigrant Ancestor's Place of Origin, quick tips: Find the *Ship Passenger Arrival... more
    • calabria infodawn visintini, Sat Apr 21 11:46am
      try this web site I had the same problem with my father in law .He was born in treste finally got it.i addressed also town birth records on envelope.I am sure you have been on... more
      • Re: calabria infoAnonymous, Sun Apr 22 4:31pm
        Thank you so much!!! I just joined this site so I hadnít done Cindyís list? What is that??
        • genealogyd.visintini, Sun Apr 22 4:48pm
          when you go to cindy's list go to ITALIAN INFO it will let you click on to everything Italian. if you have a problem just email me at I have been doing this for years now so hope ... more
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