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Sun Apr 21, 2019 11:42pm

I should have said if they are related to Francesco who was a brother of your GRAND FATHER Micele born 9/29/1888.
I looked in for the name DiLallo and there are only 3 families near Foggia. In Pagine Blanche there is Micele and just maybe that is a name passed down in the family.

  • contacting relativesVincent D'Orazio, Sun Apr 21 10:58am
    I would look in the Italian telephone directory Pagine Bianche and look for DiLallo. Write the addesses down and write to them asking them if they are related to Francesco who was a brother to your... more
    • Correction — Anonymous, Sun Apr 21 11:42pm
      • Re: Correction Nancy DiLallo Brady, Mon Apr 22 9:11am
        I checked the and found three families near Foggia. How did you find Micele DiLallo in Pagine Blanche? The name doesn't come up for me. I am new to using these sites, any... more
      • Re: Correction Anonymous, Mon Apr 22 7:11am
        Thank you for the your help. I will check the web site today.
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