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p. nigro
DI LUCA. DE LUCA, DiLuca, DeLuca
Thu Apr 25, 2019 12:19pm

The largest distribution of the surname you are referencing is with the space between DE and LUCA

compare to

- yes there is a difference in which one a certain family tends to use.

Once upon a time (1600s) they may simply have been LUCA family, which is still sprinkled throughout Italy. Then it turned into different groups of De Luca and Di Luca then after they left their hometowns in Italy the space may have disappeared although there are some with no space. Mostly the space disappears in the English speaking countries.

When you state that your father's mother spelled her surname DiLuca - was that an English speaking country? Have you seen the actual record from Italy showing the surname spelling as DiLuca as opposed to DI_LUCA

- as an example
- - in the small village where my father's parents and older brother were born there are Di Vito and De Vito even though in the oldest S.Fele records I have looked at, 1810 to 1820, only DI VITO is found and sometimes as di Vito with only VITO showing in the alphabetical index (Tavola Alfabetica) at the end of the records. The actor Danny DeVito spells his surname DeVito (no space) and that spelling is NOT found in the San Fele records where supposedly his ancestors were born.


  • DeLucaEldred, Thu Apr 25 7:58am
    Is there a difference between DeLuca and DiLuca? My fathers mother was a DiLuca.
    • DiLuca from Abruzzi ItalyModerator EDIT, Thu Apr 25 3:47pm
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    • DI LUCA. DE LUCA, DiLuca, DeLuca — p. nigro, Thu Apr 25 12:19pm
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