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DiLuca from Abruzzi Italy
Thu Apr 25, 2019 3:47pm

The following message has been moved to the original posting for *coherence* -

Author Eldred Bucci
Email [snip]
Subject DiLuca
Date Thu Apr 25, 2019 15:20
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From Abruzzi Italy

  • DeLucaEldred, Thu Apr 25 7:58am
    Is there a difference between DeLuca and DiLuca? My fathers mother was a DiLuca.
    • DiLuca from Abruzzi Italy — Moderator EDIT, Thu Apr 25 3:47pm
    • DI LUCA. DE LUCA, DiLuca, DeLucap. nigro, Thu Apr 25 12:19pm
      The largest distribution of the surname you are referencing is with the space between DE and LUCA compare to... more
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