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Burial or Cremation
Thu May 23, 2019 7:08am

Can anyone Help
For many years I have been researching my family’s history to which I have completed back so far to the early 1700’s in Italy, I have also tracked my grandfathers travel from Italy to the UK. I have found it to be a very enlightening experience,
However, it has left me with two unanswered questions. Which are the final parts of the puzzle and have become the most difficult to solve. The resting places of
My Grandfather died 12/2/1958 at Tooting Bec Hospital, London
My Uncle (my father’s middle brother) Juiseppe Paolillo also known as Peppina Paolina,
The missing part of the puzzle are the same for both, their place/s of rest i.e. Their grave locations in the UK.
Or perhaps they were they cremated??
eitherway knowing will complete the puzzle
I would be very grateful for any help or suggestions you could offer.

Cordiali Saluti/Kind Regards

Daniel Paolillo.

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