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Paula Nigro
Re: Nigro Surname
Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:34pm

NIGRO is an old surname. There are many people in Italy with the surname NIGRO

I traced my NIGRO ancestors on my dad's side back to about 1722 and all of them were born in Sanfele, Potenza Basilicata. If I ever discover the name of the wife of my great-great-great-great-great-Grand Antonio NIGRO (5th great grandfather) then I can go back another generation.
We have no old-stories (family legends or fairy tales) about any NIGRO in the region of Puglia. We have one legend - *totally unproven* - that we are related to some NIGRO doctor that lived in Kansas City, Missouri and his family originated in Calabria. Supposedly my dad and the Dr's grandsons or sons looked like twins according to a policewoman who once ran up to my dad in California yelling Jimmy, Jimmy! Do you recognize me? He said no. She started yelling dont-give-me-that - *I know you are Jimmy Nigro from Kansas City, one of Doc Nigros family* - yappity-yap - and my dad told her,
'Hey lady, you have me mixed up with the wrong guy' - 'my parents and brothers are in New York' - I have never been to Kansas City' - I'm here in California looking for a job' - - She wouldnt believe him and kept insisting and insisting that he was a Jim Nigro she knew from Kansas City, Missouri. My dad tried to avoid that street from then on and never saw her again.

"A History of Venice" by John Julius Norwich gives information concerning a Marco NIGRO in the year 1355 AD. So maybe all the NIGRO families were related 1000 years ago or more.

In reality the only way you would know if you are related to me (since we have no paper proof) would be if you took a FamilyFinder Test via FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) and you matched my dad. He shows as 100% SouthEast European. If your great-grandmother Angela Antonio NIGRO had brothers who had sons and grandsons and you could convince one of them to test it would probably be a stronger match IF your family matched at all.
FTDNA has good sales about 4 times a years. TG -they dont use 3rd party labs and it is still run by the Founder who did or does his own genealogy research. He gets a kick out of family-tree research.
I also paid to have my dad's Ydna and mtDNA tested so if there is an Ydna match then we would be direct Ydna male NIGRO line connected. FTDNA has their own testing lab, as I noted above, and it is possible to keep everything on their site although I do not add my tree Nor do I join Myheritage or AncestryCon or any other with any online "world" tree where anyone and everyone can add their bad research to good research, which equals a mess of BS passed on to others.

Women who use their husband's Italian surname and who many times are ding-dongs are an embarrassment to the Italian Community.

I do not use my husband's surname. He is cool with it as he always thought it was weird that women keep switching their last-names every time they marry and get divorced and get married again. (Ridiculous)

Women in Italy Keep Their Birth Surname even after marriage - Interesting facts about Italian Law and Custom regarding the full birth name.
Read more

Many women in the WORLD keep their birth family name. A fun work-buddy who was Irish once told me that the change in the English world to women using their husband's Surname came about due to Henry the 8th deciding that if his wives used his surname then they were his property - so then he could have them executed when he wanted.
*- It was a joke and I laughed -*

Best wishes,
Paula Nigro

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