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Paula Nigro
Italy Roots Message Board CLOSING
Sat Jul 6, 2019 10:10pm

The owner of DiscYourWebApps server, Sean Burdock, has given notice that the DiscussionApp service will end on October 31, 2019

THIS Italian Genealogy Online Message Forum will close sometime in October.

I have started removing the links to my ‘Italian Roots Message Board’ – hosted on the DiscussionApp service on my how to do your own Italian Genealogy Research site.

I plan to keep my site online since I still use the links myself:

I will probably not continue the forum elsewhere.

The FUN days of people of Italian descent like me (70 percent Southern Italian) who did or were doing Italian Genealogy Research and freely helping each other to learn are gone.

For many years all of us who learned to do our own genealogy research passed it on to help each other and learned by observing and reading how others did it. I never took lessons. I never paid anyone except for paper copies of records not available online.

Here is an example of why I don’t want to help anyone anymore.

- I posted what would have been a typical response back in the days when *I was learning to do my own research* so other beginners could read and learn to do their own FREE work using the examples and follow the same basic steps to research their own Italian ancestors. It is the type of response I used to read and then try and then pass it forward.

You can see this guy NEVER posted a simple thank you.;article=20793

Ok - so he thanked me in a personal email and was surprised that I helped. It gets sticky when I get a personal LONG thank you so I didn’t respond and he sent more email. I had to ignore it as he is not researching in the same Comune and he wasn’t ever helping anyone on the forum or interacting.

I did not give him a personal response as I did-not do it for him - personally - I did it for EVERYONE wanting to learn to do their own Italian Genealogy Research.

The help I gave is typical of what WE ALL DID TO HELP EACH OTHER back in the great days of Italian Genealogy research and we all hoped the knowledge of how to do it would be passed forward by those who were helped.

Most of the old-timers who were very intelligent and helpful are now gone (RIP) and I am just passing on what *they* helped me to learn.

Of Note: I will miss Pippo's guidance to others and his well-wishes to me. He is one of the rare ones who is still with us on the planet TG and is still giving advice. God Bless You Always Pippo. You were always an inspiration. I will miss reading your pithy guidance to others!!!

Best wishes to those who learn to do their own research and kind regards to all.
Paula M. Nigro

    • Thank youD Paolillo, Sun Jul 21 12:58am
      Hi Paula I too would like to thank you for this forum it is a Great form of info, help and advice. its gonna be sad times but i understand your reasons. Good Luck for the future
      • Re: Thank youp nigro, Wed Sep 18 8:30pm
        You are welcome. Best to you always Daniel Paolillo. I hope very much that you find answers to your burial questions.
        • Burial PlaceDaniel Paolillo, Thu Sep 19 12:16am
          Thank you. No luck yet in finding out the burial sites (or cremations) of my Grandfather Raffaele or uncle Jusseppie I'm afraid.
    • Closing of the "Forum"Pippo, Sat Jul 20 10:36am
      Dear Paula, I'am very sorry that you have decided to close the "Forum" but on the other hand, I understand the reasons. I will miss you and be able to help some people according to my time and... more
      • Re: Closing of the "Forum"Paula N, Fri Jul 26 1:39pm
        Dear Pippo - you have always helped many and I will miss reading your responses. Yes we will keep in touch. I was reviewing past email and found one from about 14 years ago (wow-time flies) which was ... more
        • Closing of the forumPippo, Fri Jul 26 4:24pm
          Dear Paula, Thanks for your reply, yes is still me Santa Pippo, still doing every Holiday Season, bringing some joy to little kids and adults. About the tel number if I gave you my house number that... more
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