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Closing of the "Forum"
Sat Jul 20, 2019 10:36am

Dear Paula, I'am very sorry that you have decided to close the "Forum" but on the other hand, I understand the reasons. I will miss you and be able to help some people according to my time and possibilities. Please let's stay in contact if we can, you are thanking me publicly, it's I whom should thank you for giving me the possibilities and your big help in the pass. I'am still working on my family tree, it's so complicated and difficult to get some info
but I will continue on it. If you like give me your phone number in private by e-mail and I will give you mine in response, this way we can keep in touch. Thanks and best regards. Pippo

  • Italy Roots Message Board CLOSINGPaula Nigro, Sat Jul 6 10:10pm
    The owner of DiscYourWebApps server, Sean Burdock, has given notice that the DiscussionApp service will end on October 31, 2019 THIS Italian Genealogy Online Message Forum will close sometime in... more
    • Thank youD Paolillo, Sun Jul 21 12:58am
      Hi Paula I too would like to thank you for this forum it is a Great form of info, help and advice. its gonna be sad times but i understand your reasons. Good Luck for the future
      • Re: Thank youp nigro, Wed Sep 18 8:30pm
        You are welcome. Best to you always Daniel Paolillo. I hope very much that you find answers to your burial questions.
        • Burial PlaceDaniel Paolillo, Thu Sep 19 12:16am
          Thank you. No luck yet in finding out the burial sites (or cremations) of my Grandfather Raffaele or uncle Jusseppie I'm afraid.
    • Closing of the "Forum" — Pippo, Sat Jul 20 10:36am
      • Re: Closing of the "Forum"Paula N, Fri Jul 26 1:39pm
        Dear Pippo - you have always helped many and I will miss reading your responses. Yes we will keep in touch. I was reviewing past email and found one from about 14 years ago (wow-time flies) which was ... more
        • Closing of the forumPippo, Fri Jul 26 4:24pm
          Dear Paula, Thanks for your reply, yes is still me Santa Pippo, still doing every Holiday Season, bringing some joy to little kids and adults. About the tel number if I gave you my house number that... more
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