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Paula N
Re: Closing of the "Forum"
Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:39pm

Dear Pippo - you have always helped many and I will miss reading your responses. Yes we will keep in touch. I was reviewing past email and found one from about 14 years ago (wow-time flies) which was your response to a copy of my first request to the Province Archives in Potenza for a copy of my paternal grandfather's Lista di Leva. You gave me your seal of approval and added your phone number in case I had further questions or needed other help. Sometime after that I remember receiving the wonderful pic of you and your wife as Mr + Mrs Babbo Natale surrounded by snowmen. One of your children who was a teacher was in the pic too and you were all smiling. You gave good cheer to the school children. I put it online in a folder on one of my sites and shared it on this message board. I still have it as pippo_babbo-natale_santa.jpg. The digital image you sent was and is very heartwarming. At that time I phoned you and told you it was very uplifting and cheerful. If you have the same number I will call and give you mine. We spoke for a while on the phone and you told me about your family Christmas Cheer occasions for which you often would grew a nice beard so you could fit the part of Babbo Natale. Recently I have enjoyed your lovely presentation: "La Notti di Natale" a speaking poem by you Bravo !

  • Closing of the "Forum"Pippo, Sat Jul 20 10:36am
    Dear Paula, I'am very sorry that you have decided to close the "Forum" but on the other hand, I understand the reasons. I will miss you and be able to help some people according to my time and... more
    • Re: Closing of the "Forum" — Paula N, Fri Jul 26 1:39pm
      • Closing of the forumPippo, Fri Jul 26 4:24pm
        Dear Paula, Thanks for your reply, yes is still me Santa Pippo, still doing every Holiday Season, bringing some joy to little kids and adults. About the tel number if I gave you my house number that... more
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