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Closing of the forum
Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:24pm

Dear Paula,
Thanks for your reply, yes is still me Santa Pippo, still doing every Holiday Season, bringing some joy to little kids and adults.
About the tel number if I gave you my house number that ends with a 2 its still that one and you can call whenever you please.
You are right time flies and we are getting older but the memories remain.
Thank you again and I will be waiting for your call, with all the solicitors calls now days I may not answer, please leave a short message and I will call you back.
Thanks and best regards.

  • Re: Closing of the "Forum"Paula N, Fri Jul 26 1:39pm
    Dear Pippo - you have always helped many and I will miss reading your responses. Yes we will keep in touch. I was reviewing past email and found one from about 14 years ago (wow-time flies) which was ... more
    • Closing of the forum — Pippo, Fri Jul 26 4:24pm
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