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Colleen Cena
Wed Jul 31, 2019 4:06pm

There is a long time Lombardi family in Mt. Shasta CA.

  • LombardiFred Ciarla, Tue Jul 30 4:03pm
    Still attempting to locate relatives of Antonio Lombardi from Maddaloni, Italy.
    • Lombardi — Colleen Cena, Wed Jul 31 4:06pm
      • LombardiFred Ciarla, Tue Aug 6 7:48am
        Do you know anything about them. Fred
        • Re: LombardiColleen Cena, Tue Aug 6 2:21pm
          I knew them but do not have information regarding their genealogy. They had a farm for many years, beginning with the grandfather probably in the 1940's. His son was named Joe and he and his wife,... more
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