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Antonio Nigris
Sun Aug 25, 2019 9:31pm


I'm trying to locate information on my great grandfather
Antonio Nigris (1874-1946) He left Teggiano, Italy for
America. I'm trying to find information on his parents
who died in Teggiano and his brothers' who immigrated to
Aregentina sometime betweeen 1890-1900. Can anyone help me
with any information. I haven't had any luck or success.
My great grandfather Antonio DeNigris (dropped the prefix
when coming to America and it was just Antonio Nigris.

His parents names were Francesco DeNigris and Filomena Manzolillo. I don't know when they were born or died or
their parents names. I don't know how many children were
born to Francesco and Filomena. I know there was: My great grandfather Antonio and his brother Michele who I belive was older and they sailed for America. I heard there were 2 brothers who went to Argentina. Don't know their names. Don't know if there were any other brothers or sisters. I would like to know the brothers' names and years of birth and death and also the parents births and deaths and any other info. If there is a stato di familia (family record with lists of all family members)

I don't speak the Italian language.

    • De Nigris in Teggiano (formerly Diano)paula nigro, Wed Sep 18 8:25pm
      the Comune di Teggiano used to be named Diano Province of Salerno Region Campania These wikipedia articles give a glimse of the historically lovely and picturesque village:... more
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