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The airmen from Wales
Sat Sep 6, 2008 11:54pm (XFF: unknown)

I was told it is impossible to separate all the Welsh, English and Scottish airmen from BoB so that's why I keep coming back. this week I am desplaying all the Welsh airmen that I can find. 

42090 P/O Charles John Arthur. MPD:40/08/27.
Welsh. RAF 248 Squadron, Blenheim I
40335 F/O Harold Arthur Cooper “Birdy” Bird-Wilson DFC, DSO, AFC, CBE. Died:2000/12/29
Welsh. RAF 17 Squadron, Hurricane I P3878 “YB-W”
42191 P/O John Michael Vowlse “Chips” Carpenter DFC.
Welsh. RAF 222, 126, 72 Squadron, Hurricane I P9378
564567 F/Sgt Cecil John Cooney. MPD:40/06/29.
Welsh. RAF 56 Squadron, Hurricane I R3879.
529270 Sgt John Henry Culverwell. KIA:40/07/25.
Welsh. RAF 87 Squadron, Hurricane I.
37415 F/Lt Thomas Frederick Dalton Morgan DFC, DSO.
Welsh. RAF 43, 92 Squadron, Hurricane I.
40805 F/O William Dennis David DFC.
Welsh. RAF 87, 213 Squadron. Hurricane I L1630 “LK-A”
938521 Sgt James William Elias Davies DFC. KIA:40/09/07.
Welsh. RAF 600 Squadron, Blenheim IV-F L6684.
36167 F/O Paul John Davies-Cooke. KIA:40/09/27.
Welsh. RAF 72, 610 Squadron, Spitfire I N3068.
33563 F/O Charles Trevor Davis. KIA:41/03/26.
Welsh. RAF 238 Squadron, Hurricane I P3462.
76309 P/O Brian Vincent Draper DFC. KIA:45/02/28.
Welsh. RAFVR 74 Squadron, Spitfire II P7355.
135394 Sgt Glynn Griffiths.
Welsh. RAF 17 Squadron, Hurricane I.
70898 P/O Jack Royston Hamar DFC. KIA:40/07/24.
Welsh. RAF 151 Squadron, Hurricane I P3316.
566261 W/Off Russell Chapman “Lofty” Hamer. KIA:42/09/08.
Welsh. RAF 141 Squadron, Defiant I.
83290 P/O David Stewart Harrison. KIA:40/09/28.
Welsh. RAFVR 238 Squadron, Hurricane I.
44630 F/Sgt Frederick William Higginson DFM, DFC, OBE.
Welsh. RAF 56 Squadron, Hurricane I P3547
113942 Sgt John Anthony Hughes-Rees. Died of polio:43/04/30.
Welsh. RAFVR 609 Squadron, Spitfire I.
748158 Sgt Lewis Reginald Isaac. MPD:40/08/05.
Welsh. RAF 64 Squadron, Spitfire I L1029
79240 P/O Harry Jeffery Jeffcoat. KIA:41/12/13.
Welsh. RAFVR 236, 44 Squadron, Blenheim I
83268 P/O John Bedford Kendal. KIA:42/05/25.
Welsh. RAFVR 66 Squadron, Spitfire I.
745649 Sgt George Godfrey Stone Laws. KIA:41/03/28.
Welsh. RAFVR 151, 501 Squadron, Hurricane I.
613302 W/Op Sgt Terry Le Dong. KIA:41/02/08.
Welsh. RAF 219 Squadron, Blenheim I.
45459 F/Sgt Robert Reid MacPherson. KIA:41/10/13.
Welsh. RAF 65, 129 Squadron, Spitfire I.
42248 P/O John Mansel-Lewis. KIA:41/04/04.
Welsh. RAF 92 Squadron, Spitfire I.
87382 P/O Percival Alexander Mortimer. KIA:42/11/06.
Welsh. RAFVR 85, 257, 261 Squadron, Hurricane I V7116.
114121 Sgt David Benjamin Fletcher Nicholls DFC.
Welsh. RAF 87, 242, 151 Squadron, Hurricane I P5182.
137569 W/Op Sgt Emlyn Parry. KIA:44/04/04.
Welsh. RAFVR 23, 10 Squadron, Blenheim I.
74688 F/O Hugh Harold Percy. KIA:44/05/22.
Welsh. RAFVR 264, 610 Squadron, Spitfire XIV RB162.
965482 W/Op Sgt David Francis Roberts. KIA:41/04/03.
Welsh. RAFVR 25 Squadron, Blenheim I.
74710 F/O James Clifton Edmeston Robinson. KIA:41/04/21.
Welsh. RAFVR 1 Squadron, Hurricane I.
531100 Sgt Cyril Stephens. KIA:40/08/08.
Welsh. RAFVR 23 Squadron. Blenheim IV-F L1448.
114075Sgt Alexander Henry Thomas DFC, FRICS.
Welsh. RAF 79, 87 Squadron, Hurricane I.
83282 Sgt Rhys H, Thomas.
Welsh. RAF 266, 66, 64 Squadron, Spitfire I.
742598 Sgt John Victor Wadham. KIA:40/10/12.
Welsh. RAFVR 601, 145 Squadron Hurricane I V7326
84018 P/O John Lewis Ward. KIA:42/03/20.
Welsh. RAFVR 32, 145, 127 Squadron, Hurricane I.
26219 S/L Cedric Watcyn Williams. MPD:40/08/25.
Welsh. RAF 17 Squadron, Hurricane I R4199.
1003600 W/Op Sgt Ronald Frank Willis. KIA:41/02/08.
Welsh. RAFVR 219 Squadron, Blenheim I.

As usual if I'm missing anybody or if I made a mistake of any kind, you let me know.

    • R F Willis 100360 & T Le Dong 613302Marty Corey, Thu Mar 4 4:44am
      I've been casually researching Sgt Le Dong ever since I ran across his name in a book on the Battle Of Britain. Both he & Sgt Willis were in 219 Sqdn and were killed 8 Feb 1941, as was a P/O Geoffrey ... more
    • John Bedford Kendal / BoB TunicBob , Sun Sep 27 12:49am
      For anyone interested, I'm in possession of the 1940-dated service Tunic named to John Kendal of 66 Squadron. It shows evidence of cockpit wear, having harness picks to the tops of the shoulders. I... more
      • John Kendal / BoB TunicBob, Mon Oct 19 8:20pm
        Dear Mr. Davies, Thanks for the book references. Will try to get a hold of "10 Fighter Boys" and "Spitfire Squadron" as I'd like to learn more about the man's experiences during the BoB. Am currently ... more
      • Bof B tunic/ Kendal of 66 Sqn.Paul Davies, Mon Oct 19 10:42am
        HI you can read of Kendal in Ten Fighter Boys- Hr Allen And Atholl Forbes and others by HR Dizzy Allen such as Spitfire Squadron, Battle For Britain and others. Paul Davies
      • Re: John Bedford Kendal / BoB TunicCharles Whall, Mon Sep 28 8:47pm
        Bob, Is something you are offering for sale or are just letting people know you have it?
        • Re: John Bedford Kendal / BoB TunicAnonymous, Mon Oct 19 8:42pm
          Dear Mr. Whall, Apologies for not responding to you personally earlier. In answer to your question, the tunic is not presently for sale. However, am very happy to post images to any of those who... more
    • Re: The airmen from WalesJohn Larder, Mon Aug 31 5:49pm
      Thomas Culverwell's birth registered Fulham, son of parents born and resident in London (upto 1911). Welsh connection - wife.
    • john henry culverwell39494, Mon Aug 24 7:46am
      Hi, just visited your web site re John Henry Culverwell.John known as Jack was my uncle and is English as far as I know though he is buried in Cardif Cemetery.I have been researching my uncle and... more
      • JOHN HENRY CULVERWELLClive Millman, Sun Dec 12 12:04pm
        Denis, I work with the Historical Society on the School Plaques Project. I work mainly with Welsh pilots and originally was given your Uncle's name as being of Welsh origin. I was soon able to verify ... more
      • Re: john henry culverwellJohn Larder, Mon Aug 31 5:46pm
        Denis John Henry Culverwell birth registered in the last quarter of 1914 at Fulham, London. Son of Thomas Henry Culverwell born at St. George's Hospital, birth registered 2nd. quarter of 1879 and... more
        • John Henry CulverwellJohn Larder, Wed Sep 29 9:57am
          Dear John Many thanks for the information you supplied in responce to my query.I'm sorry to take so long to reply.We had a burglary at our house and my laptop was damaged by the offenders.I have only ... more
    • Re: The airmen from WalesMark Andrew, Sun Sep 14 9:39am
      We have not done any School Plaques in Wales May I repeat my message re Scotland VOLUNTEERS needed
    • Re: The airmen from WalesJohn Larder, Sun Sep 7 10:54am
      F/Lt. Fred Rosier 229 Sq. later the last C. in C. Fighter Command.
    • Welsh Airman.Trevor Williams, Sun Sep 7 9:15am
      Hi, F/Sgt. Cecil John Cooney was flying Hurricane Mk.1. L1991 at the Battle of Barking Creek with 56 (F) Squadron. The Hurricane went on to be lost in the Battle of France. Trying to obtain a... more
      • Flt/Sgt Cecil J. CooneyDave Brocklehurst, Sun Sep 7 5:34pm
        Hi Trevor Give me a ring and we'll send you a picture of Flt/Sgt Cooney. We've been in contact with the family and have a nice head and shoulders shot in 'The Faces of The Few' Memorial. See you soon ... more
        • Flt/Sgt Cecil J CooneyClive Millman, Mon Dec 13 4:12pm
          Hi Dave, I notice on a 2008 posting to the Forum that you know of the family of this man. I am working with BoB Historical Society on the School Memorial Plaques Project and as far as Cecil is... more
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