Jack Dean.
RAF Speak WW2
Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:21pm (XFF: unknown)

RAF Vocab {not alphabeticaly] only as it comes to mind.
Bind= Not a nice job.
Binder=Someone complaining..
Sprog = newly joined or learner.
Erk = New lowest rankers.
Oppo = Mate or Colleage..
Clot = Idiot or fool.
Rank titles.
Group Captain= Groupie.
Squadron Leader = Squabbling Bleeder.

Flt Ltnt =Flt Looie..

Flight Sgt in charge of a unit = Chiefie..
Hang up =Bomb failed to release.

Boomerang = Aircraft returned early due to
snag.[ Bomber Cmnd..]
Aircraftman second class [ac2] = Ac Plonk.
Terrific Jack.
Love the Squabbling Bleeder!!!

    • More RAF SpeakKizzy, Sat Jan 24 6:20pm
      Jack, There's an article on Wikipedia that has more - I have added your new vocab to it (hope that's ok). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Speak Kiz
      • Re: More RAF Speaktim, Sun Jan 25 11:32am
        Any help?? What's the betting that none of them work!!
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