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tom stone
depeyster brown
Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:47pm (XFF: unknown)

he died in santa maria hospital on 03.08.91.
Floyd Williston. wrote an article on him in issue 5
of bob remembered.

  • Did DePeyster Brown survive the War?Kirsty Rowland, Wed Feb 25 5:09pm
    I'm looking into the Americans who flew with the RAF during the Battle of Britain and am a little confused. According to some sources, Plt Off J K Haviland was the only one of these chaps to survive... more
    • Success!!!Kirsty Rowland, Tue Mar 10 2:31pm
      It would appear that I have found out more!!! ttp://
    • depeyster brown — tom stone, Fri Feb 27 4:47pm
    • Re: Did DePeyster Brown survive the War?John Larder, Fri Feb 27 8:40am might be able to help as the Eagle Squadrons were absorbed into the Fourth Fighter Group. RCAF records might have something as he was 1 (RCAF) later 401 Sq in the battlweeof... more
      • American pilotsAndy Saunders, Fri Feb 27 11:29pm
        The Eagle Squadron website might help, or at least by contacting someone at the site you might get some help. That said, I cannot get on the site at moment. It seems to be down. However, if you want... more
    • De Peyster Brown 'mystery'Dean Sumner, Wed Feb 25 11:33pm
      Hello Kirsty - As far as I'm aware, no one has managed to unravel the fate of De Peyster Brown. It's known he transferred to the United States Army Air Force in 1942 and the link below shows him in... more
      • DePeyster BrownFloyd Williston, Wed Nov 10 12:45am
        Nick named Peter, Brown survived the war and initially returned to California. He remained in the USAAF postwar for for another 12 years. (See my article in the Battle of Britain Remembered #5. }... more
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