Re: Surviving Aircrew Lists
Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:35pm

Dear John,

Sadly, I have another update for you. John Charles Merrett (who lived down in the Chichester area)passed away about 3/4 months ago.

I had arranged to meet with him, but his son contacted me shortly beforehand to say that he had been taken ill with a sudden illness & he subsequently died just 4/5 days later.

  • Surviving Aircrew ListsJohn Wheeler, Sat Jun 12 6:21pm
    As the current caretaker of the BOBHS website, and the aforementioned list (below) of surviving aircrew, I feel it necessary to explain. The list has gone through several successors of web... more
    • Re: Surviving Aircrew ListsAnonymous, Sun Jun 13 9:27pm
      Hi again John, One for confirmation: Harry Clarke (610 Sqn)in N Ireland. Not been in touch for a while, but not heard any bad/sad news, so it would be good to confirm if he`s still hopefully around?... more
    • Re: Surviving Aircrew ListsAnonymous, Sun Jun 13 8:45pm
      Hi again John, On a positive note, Percy Beake is also still with us & therefore deserves a mention in `The List`...
    • Re: Surviving Aircrew Lists — Anonymous, Sun Jun 13 8:35pm
      • Merrettjohn W, Sun Jun 13 9:03pm
        Very sorry to hear and will update accordingly.
    • Surviving aircrewSimon Shackleford, Sat Jun 12 10:09pm
      Hello John, Ah, all becomes clear. Like you say, the veterans would in all probability laugh about this especially after all they have seen and been through in a long lifetime. I remember reading... more
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        • Wiki siteKizzy, Thu Jul 8 7:40am
          Oh and the link is...
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