On this Day - P/O Witold Jozef GLOWACKI VM
Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:44am

P/O Witold Jozef GLOWACKI VM , 605 Squadron "County of Warwick", Hurricane I P3283 UP*P.
During combat patrol P/O Witold Jozef GLOWACKI and P/O Ian James MUIRHEAD chased a Dornier Do 17Z (Werk. Nr 3317,code F1+GK) from 2./KG 76. They shot down German bomber which crashed near by Cap Griz Nez but when they were returning home without ammo, were surprised by Bf 109s formation from 3./JG 51. P/O Glowacki was shot down by Oblt. Michael SONNER and force landed near by Albermuse (France) and was captured by German soldiers. He was slightly injured but he died the same day in German hospital probably from anafilactic shock after injection against tetanus infection (some sources say that he was executed by German).
P/O Muirhead returned Croydon he was K.I.A. on 15 October 1940 (Hurricane N2546)

    • Re: On this Day - P/O Witold Jozef GLOWACKI VMMark Andrew, Fri Sep 24 11:13am
      Ian James MUIRHEAD attended Nelson Tomlinson School Wigton, Cumberland and we arranged a Memorial Plaque there which was presented by the Lord Lieutenant of Cumbria This is from my notes written at... more
    • Hi Jarek, Whilst looking for pics I found this one of Glowacki beside his crashed Hurricane. I also believed that he had an anaphylactic reaction to the anti tetanus injection he was given, possibly... more
      • Witold Glowacki photoJarek from Poland, Fri Sep 24 3:40pm
        Hi Gerry Thank you for photo and comment. I have a copy of this photo in my collection. Do you know that one more photo was taken by German on this day ? It shows right Glowacki's profile - a lot of... more
        • Re: Witold Glowacki photoGerry, Fri Sep 24 3:47pm
          Hi Jarek, That would be smashing! my address is gedburke3@yahoo.co.uk Thanks Gerry
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