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On this Day - P/o Wlodzimierz Michal SAMOLINSKI
Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:02am

P/O Wlodzimierz Michal SAMOLINSKI VM - 253. Squadron "Hyderabad", Hurricane I V7440 SW*... He failed to return from combat over the Channel - probably shot down by Messerschmitt Bf 109s from II./JG 77 "Herz As". Samolinski was believed to have crashed into the sea and was reported M.I.A. In the same combat F/lt Gerald Richmond "Jerry" EDGE was shot down, baled out and was picked up by a motor boat.

    • "Sammy" SamolinskiJohn Greenwood, Mon Sep 27 3:41am
      Hi Jarek I thought you may like to hear this little tale involving “Sammy” Samolinski. When I came back from France in May 1940, all my kit was dumped in the harbour of Boulougne, including my great... more
      • "Sammy" SamolinskiJarek from Poland, Mon Sep 27 2:40pm
        Hello Mr Greenwood Thank you so much for this touching story. Nice to read it. Best greetings from Poland and best wishes to you. Regards Jarek
      • Your storiesJohn Wheeler, Mon Sep 27 2:21pm
        Mr. Greenwood you've told a few stories on here and they have always been just great little insights into what it was like for you and all of the others. Please share more if time allows as these... more
      • Where are they now.pip, Mon Sep 27 7:54am
        Hi John, Pardon me for butting in. Jarek won't mind..we are good chums : ) Simply loved this story about the coat. I'm sure many on here will be aghast reading of it's history!! My sister and I when... more
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