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Fl Lt Albert Edward Gregory DFC AE
Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:06pm

It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing away of Albert earlier this morning 12th November. He had been unwell recently although I have to say his mental faculties never failed him.Albert served with 219 sqd Blenheims during the BoB, as an air gunner. He went on to serve in many other squadrons mainly night flying raids over Europe with Bomber Command and after the war continued to serve in Malaya and other places until leaving the RAF in 1955. He amassed over 2,000 flying hours of which 296 were night flying and 587 operational hours. In 1942 he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in recognition of hi night flying service and the citationread "This officer has a long and meritorious record as an air gunner, having been engaged in night flying for nearly 3 years. Throughout his operational tour Flying Officer Gregory has shown great courage, skill and devotion to duty".I know many of you have met Ablert over the years at many book signings and events etc and he was always puzzled why folk were so interested in him. After all as he always said "I was just doing my job". Men like this are simply made of special stuff and are a unique example to us all
Nick Gregory - nephew of Albert

    • My Dear Brave DadPat - Albert Gregory's daughter, Sun Nov 14 1:05am
      Dad was courageous to the end, showing his ever present fighting spirit, yet going with the greatest dignity. He needed to depart this earth, his mind was fresh but body so very weak - his last fight ... more
      • AlbertAndy , Thu Nov 18 1:21pm
        Hello Pat, Very sorry to hear about Albert very sad news, as you may remember i was very lucky to have known Albert taking him to manay airshows and battle of britain events meeting you 2 years ago... more
        • To AndyPat, Sat Nov 20 2:33pm
          Yes Andy I certainly do remember you and how kind it was for you to accompany Dad on the train to London and Westminster Abbey. I have one or two photos as a reminder of that day. Yes, it is sad that ... more
      • Albert Gregory Rest in PeacePaul Davies, Tue Nov 16 1:26pm
        HI Pat you are lucky to have had such a man as your father. He sounded like a fighter. He will not be forgotten, his part in history will be spoken of for many years to come. I will say a prayer for... more
      • Your dadCarol Hampton, Mon Nov 15 12:32am
        Hello Pat, you are in the thoughts and prayers of "the group" over here in New Zealand. You dear dad is at peace at last. I know you will be given the courage and strength for the days ahead. We are... more
        • Re: Your dadpippa ettore, Mon Nov 15 8:02am
          Dear Carol Please excuse me for popping in here. It was so lovely to see your condolences and wishes sent all the way from New Zealand. I was wondering. Are you a member of the New Zealand Rose... more
          • re your pippaCarol Hampton, Mon Nov 22 6:58am
            Hi Pippa, Although I love roses, and have quite a few myself, I am not a member of the NZ Rose Society so am unable to expedite your request I am afraid. Take care. Carol
    • Re: Fl Lt Albert Edward Gregory DFC AEMark Andrew, Sat Nov 13 12:18pm
      Nick Yes very sad for all expecially the family and close friends As he saya " He did his Job " but for that we honour his memory
    • Re: Fl Lt Albert Edward Gregory DFC AEpippettore, Fri Nov 12 12:31pm
      Very very sad news indeed Nick. This picture of Albert for me has always been the most poignant of all the recent day Battle of Britain photos. This picture is worth a thousand words. Sincere... more
      • This photoPat, Daughter of A E Gregory, Sun Nov 14 1:31am
        Thank you so much for your kind words. This picture indeed says it all. A brilliant photo and I have wonderfull memories of being with my father on that day this amazing monument was unveiled. Many... more
        • Message for PatKizzy, Sun Nov 14 8:25am
          Pat, I would like to say that I am thinking of you and your family at this time. I was at the unveiling of the Battle of Britain London Monument and had the privilege of meeting your father that day. ... more
        • Re: This photopip, Sun Nov 14 7:42am
          Thanks so very much Pat for finding the time to appear on here at such a sad and difficult time. Your father was the very first Battle of Britain pilot I ever met. The very first one whose signature... more
      • Re: Fl Lt Albert Edward Gregory DFC AEGerry, Fri Nov 12 6:11pm
        What sad news. Albert Gregory was an absolute Gentleman. Please accept my condolences Nick. I would like to attend the funeral if that is possible and I am off duty. Gerry
        • Fl Lt Albert Gregorynick 250, Sat Nov 13 9:24am
          Whilst I do not have any certain details available yet as regards the funeral arrangements for Albert if anyone is interested in attending please post a message on the forum and I will endeavour to... more
          • Fl Lt Albert Gregorynick 250, Sat Nov 13 9:27am
            Think my last post was probably a bit confusing If anyone wants details of the funeral arrangements please mail me at Thanks Nick
        • Re: Fl Lt Albert Edward Gregory DFC AEAnonymous, Sat Nov 13 6:56am
          I am so sorry to hear of this sad news. Please would you let me have the funeral arrangements. Thank you. Norman
        • R.I.P. Albert GregorySimon Shackleford, Fri Nov 12 8:47pm
          So sorry to hear about Alberts passing. I remember about three or four years ago, actually the last time I went to Duxford with my late Father, that he had celebrated his 90th birthday, at a Hotel,... more
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