The Merseyside Few
P/O Jindrich Bartos 83220 No 312 (Czechoslovak) Squadron
Wed Jan 19, 2011 7:39pm

Jindrich Bartos graduated as a pilot from the Czechoslovakian Army Academy. He fought the Nazis in the skies above Paris in the Battle of France and as invasion loomed he came to Britain to help defend our shores.

Read his story here,

The Merseyside Few

    • Amazing Website, well done AdrianPaul Davies, Wed Jan 19 8:24pm
      HI Adrian This is an amazing website and I have learnt more about John Drummond also that I did not know. Do you include Southport in your area of interest? Thank you Paul Davies
      • The Merseyside FewThe Merseyside Few, Wed Jan 19 8:40pm
        Paul, Thank you for you comments. My initial interest was simply to tell the stories of the 12 Battle of Britain pilots who are buried in Liverpool and Wirral. But once I got into this I found other... more
        • Southport and other Merseyside pilot linksPaul Davies, Thu Jan 20 8:54am
          Hi Adrian I will remind myself by looking back through some stuff, but I do know Southport and other Merseyside areas have links to the Battle of Britain pilots. Not least the late, great John... more
          • Southportdavid harrop Manchester Postal Museum, Thu Jan 20 1:59pm
            I am a regular visiter to Southport but never yet been to Woodvale! I have war medals from a WW1 officer who is buried in Duke St cemetery are there any B O B people buried in the area?
            • SouthportThe Merseyside Few, Thu Jan 20 2:53pm
              David, There are no BoB people buried in Southport. The closest would be George Stoney in Sefton and John Drummond and Ken Gillies in Thornton. Woodvale is still operational so there is not much to... more
              • Merseyside Fewdavid harrop Manchester Postal Museum, Thu Jan 20 3:30pm
                Cheers Adrian Sefton & Thornton not to far away! D
                • F/O C. H. Bacon buried WindermerePaul Davies, Thu Jan 20 10:39pm
                  HI David I went to the funeral of Johnny Freeborn in Southport. Also close by is the grave of Flying Officer Charles H. Bacon, buried in the overflow cemetary for St. Marys Churchyard at Windermere.... more
                  • Not AlnwickRobert Dixon, Fri Jan 21 4:37pm
                    Paul...I answered your other posting on this a while ago. Spitfire L1037, flown by Sgt H.R. Clarke, came down a mile or so west of Alnmouth. Remains of it are kept in a small aviation museum within... more
                  • Charles H. BaconAdrian Cork, Fri Jan 21 8:13am
                    Paul, Back in November 2009 I spent a wet afternoon looking for his grave in the grounds of the church. There was no mention of an overflow cemetary anywhere, not on the church noticeboard or on any... more
                • The Merseyside FewThe Merseyside Few, Thu Jan 20 3:39pm
                  David, Both are 5 miles or so from Woodvale. Happy to meet up and take you there if you wish. There is a decent little pub in Sefton. Regards Adrian
                  • John Drummond and Ken GilliesPaul, Thu Jan 20 10:43pm
                    HI Adrian I would like to meet up for this visit to pay my respects to John and Ken, two of The Few I have read about and would like to join in with David also if that is possible? Thanks Best wishes ... more
          • battle of Britain Links to MerseysideThe Merseyside Few, Thu Jan 20 12:12pm
            Paul, In the about section of my website I list the following pilots who I believe have connections to Merseyside, Sgt Pilot Cyril Stanley Bamberger born Port Sunlight Flight Lieutenant Sydney... more
            • Thanks AdrianPaul, Thu Jan 20 10:46pm
              Thanks Adrian. This tallies with my list. Tom Neil does not sound like he came from Bootle. Thats a good education and the RAF for you! Best wishes Paul Davies
            • Merseyside PilotsRobert Dixon, Thu Jan 20 2:08pm
              I can't see F/O later Sqn Ldr WHR Whitty, DFC DFC (US) on that list. He was born in Litherland attended Liverpool College and Liverpool University. He's on here in 607... more
              • Merseyside PilotsThe Merseyside Few, Thu Jan 20 2:55pm
                Robert, I'm sure you mentioned him to me in previous correspondence but I couldn't track him down. I will add him to the list on my website tonight. Many thanks. Regards Adrian
                • WHR WhittyRobert Dixon, Thu Jan 20 7:33pm
                  William Hubert Rigby Whitty was actually born in the West Derby area, March 27, 1914. His family then moved, at a later date, to Litherland. He was at Liverpool College then later Liverpool... more
        • Merseyside FewBob, Thu Jan 20 8:51am
          Hi Ad, Well done my freind, a credit to "the Few" and you, spent about an hour on the site GREAT! See you in May at the last Rabbitsqn signing, the new and Last print will be there "The Tigers" a... more
          • THANKS BOBThe Merseyside Few, Thu Jan 20 12:30pm
            Bob, I appreciate the comments, thank you. These men's stories need to be told and I only hope I can do them justice. Talking to Chris at length a number of times about all this really encouraged me... more
          • Key Board stickingBob, Thu Jan 20 8:53am
            Excuse errors my key board is sticking! need to get a new one!
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