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Robert Dixon
Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:56pm

Hurricane line up shows L1937 and L1936. The latter is shown a few months later here:


  • RAF Colour photospip. , Thu Feb 10 7:53pm
    • Fab Pics!Roger Jones, Sat Feb 12 10:07pm
      Great photos, Pip! Obsessive observers might find it notable that the 'red' spinners on some SAAF Spitfire Vs in the photos were in fact orange. This colour scheme was replicated in the 1970s when a... more
    • Hurricanes — Robert Dixon, Sat Feb 12 2:56pm
    • Re Colour PhotosRobert Dixon, Fri Feb 11 5:14pm
      The Spitfire with the standing pilot is 72 Squadron at Leconfield, Church Fenton or Acklington, late 1939 or early 1940. Question is, who is the pilot? I can't even see any rank. Two photo's of early ... more
      • The other colour Spitfire shot with pilot...Andy Saunders, Sun Feb 13 11:53am
        The identity of the pilot standing by the nose of a Spitfire (a superb quality image) is interesting. Unless anyone has any other ideas, I do wonder if this is 'Rusty' Rushmer? When I was in contact... more
      • Spitfire Pilot IdentityAndy Saunders, Sat Feb 12 5:48am
        The pilot in the photograph, Robert, is Plt Off J N Mckenzie of 41 Squadron - not 72 Squadron.
    • Stunning images!Andy Saunders, Fri Feb 11 4:51pm
      I love the Mk I Spitfire (captioned Mk II)and Hurricane L1940. Fantastic photos.
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