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Goodbye to all on here
Tue Feb 22, 2011 1:02am

This is very possibly my last post on here.

May I take this opportunity of saying to all of you what a pleasure this forum has been.

May I extend a fond farewell to Pip and Mark who have done so much for the BoBHSc forum.

May I say it has been an honour conversing with the stalwarts who have been on here;Fighter Pilots like Tim, Historians like Andy Saunders, Robert Dixon, Steve Darlow, the late Dog Tidy.

Also the many friends including Zoraida, Kizzy, Wendy, Pip, Bob and Chris Yeoman, John Wheeler, Mark, John, and Simon. It has been a pleasure this last 2 years and hopefully I have given some pleasure in my stories, poems and items posted. Farewell to any I have inadvertantly missed.

I decide to leave on hearing that Andy Saunders, Pip, and others are leaving and hope that one day this site will get back to how it used to be.

Goodbye and thank you all

Paul Davies

    • Doug TidyPaul Davies, Tue Feb 22 1:06am
      Sorry Doug, of course I meant Doug Tidy. Sorry Pip. This is now my last post. Ending in humour! Keep on laughing Al my best to Bill Bond for all he has done for the remebrance of The Few, the... more
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