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Nick Peacock MA
Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:23am

Hi Kizzy sounds a great idea, I have a Facebook page already so would not mind, minding a NEW BOBHS Facebook page if everyone here wants a temporary forum to natter in! Depends what others want and of course it could be moderated, etc!


  • The 'Yoof' we wish to enlightenKizzy, Tue Feb 22 9:23am
    Dear John et al (a please pass to Bill Bond if poss), I fear that in my 30s I may be the 'youth element' amongst us. Please can I heartily recommend that the BOBHS opens a facebook page instead of... more
    • Kizzy contact detailsPaul Davies, Tue Feb 22 1:21pm
      Hi Kizzy If this comes off could you let me know please, that is if I am welcome? My email is Thanks for all your help this year and all that you do, in Honour of The Few. Best... more
    • FacebookJohn Wheeler, Tue Feb 22 12:13pm
      An excellent idea Kizzy - thanks!
      • For Pip, a tribute.Paul "Battle of Britain fan" Davies, Tue Feb 22 1:17pm
        Pip, Can I just say a big thank you for supporting financially,and otherwise this wonderful forum. Without it I woul;d be less some marvellous friends. Without it I would not have met great men who... more
    • Facebook — Nick Peacock MA, Tue Feb 22 10:23am
      • for Nick PeacockKizzy, Tue Feb 22 8:27pm
        Nick Please can you find me on facebook - there are lots of Nick Peacocks!! Cheers Kiz
        • FacebookNick Peacock MA, Wed Feb 23 9:42am
          LOOK for Craig Peacock on Facebook I'm the handsome one! Haha!
      • Re: FacebookMark Andrew, Tue Feb 22 11:08am
        Nick I also have a Facebook for Yorkshiremen of The Battle of Britain please email me Mark
    • Face BookFace Book, Tue Feb 22 9:54am
      A sure fire way to grab today's lot Kizzy, I agree. Terrific little Face Book site here. p.
      • Re: Face BookMark Andrew, Tue Feb 22 11:26am
        That is one of the many interesting sites on Facebook that link to the period. I have one!/pages/Battle-of-Britain-from-Yorkshire/100711066660337 another I use is... more
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