Edward Paterek B of B Killed 1941
Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:56am

I have pulled this from a previous page in the hope that Simon or Adrian or someone will know further details for Wiliam who is a relation of a Battle of Britain pilot killed the next year. Simon Has posted on here in regards to this wreck in the Mersey, and also Adrian, I think, several pages past. Be qUICK AS THE FORUM WILL DISAPPEAR LIKE ....

William Paterek BOB InterestMon Feb 21, 2011 11:57am66.191.20.14

Izzy - I got interested in it because it was part of a LONG search for any information on Sargeant Pilot Edward PATEREK, a Hawker Hurricane Pilot, who flew in the BOB. He was killed in a air collision over the Irish Sea off of Mersey March 27, 1940. He was most probably a shirt-tail relative and I still look for more info on him and his life. He was flying a Hawker , PK*W (V 7187) when he collided with his leader in another Hawker (V7188). I have built 2 models of his plane, 1/8 & 1/12 scale. William Paterek

    • Edward Paterek B of B Killed 1941The Merseyside Few, Wed Feb 23 8:00am
      William, Great to hear from you. You will find mention of your relative, Edward Paterek, in my writing on Wladyslaw Szulkowski. See link below.... more
    • SOME PAST POSTSPaul, Wed Feb 23 1:05am
      Here is a reminder of the good posts we have seen on here. lancs Jack Dean Thu Nov 11, 2010 Lancaster taxi runs November 11th East Kirkby Paul Davies Tue Nov 9, 2010 WAAFs Jack Dean Mon Nov 8, 2010... more
      • Re: SOME PAST POSTSMark Andrew, Thu Feb 24 9:33am
        Thanks A good post and I can access the archives as requested by some posters
        • Thanks MarkPaul, Fri Feb 25 12:14am
          Thanks Mark could you please get rid of the tiresome little man that keeps attacking me on here. His IP Adress is shown above with the post, the reason I left, as title. He has been deleted a few... more
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