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New Style New Ideas.
Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:38pm

Hi Paul

How's things.

Just to set your mind at rest.
There is NO way any of us would run away and pull the plug solely because of a few dickish insults and remarks.
Hell we are made of sterner stuff than that : )
We have dealt with these unsavoury posts for years now and learnt to live with them.
Thing is, sad but true, this style of Forum really is a tad old hat these days.
It needs a revamp we feel..
Newer ideas that run themselves basically with no added expense.
As the forum stands now, it is a 24/7 monitoring marathon (even on holiday) to make sure all the unacceptable remarks are swiped off.

Sticking to subject matter as you may well have noticed has never been my forte !

Let's give the Face Book idea a try.
See how it works out.
I know Mark will give it his all : )

You lot can make it a success also.

Bestest of luck

  • Just a minute!Paul Dunn, Wed Feb 23 3:05am
    Just a bloody moment. It seems that decisions have been made about the future of this site without consultation which is somewhat ironic given its success that is based on a wide interest and input.... more
    • New Style New Ideas. — PIp. , Wed Feb 23 2:38pm
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