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Membership of the facebook group
Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:02pm

In 24 hours we have got 16 members of the group... There's only a couple familiar faces for me - I would be delighted if some of the regulars from here can come across and start discussions. We have attracted new people... Now we just need to keep them!

Although it may be a new direction, it may prove to be a successful one!

Thanking you in advance!


  • Facebook GroupKizzy, Wed Feb 23 1:45am
    Have started a group: Please can the experienced members of the Society advise me on this to improve it! Kizzy PS Does anyone have a... more
    • Membership of the facebook group — Kizzy, Wed Feb 23 9:02pm
      • packing up Jonathan , Fri Feb 25 3:02pm
        Please let me know the exact name of the Facebook page, so I can join it. I did a Facebook search for Battle of Britain", but came up with too many results. My e-mail is Please... more
        • Facebook group addressKizzy, Sat Feb 26 12:58am
          The quickest way is to go via the bobhs webpage and click on the link for the forum. The link there will take you directly. Otherwise the group is called BATTLE OF BRITAIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY... more
          • Another BoB List ChoiceJohn Feltham, Sat Feb 26 6:23am
            I have just set up an Email List. Why? I don't think that Facebook is the way to go. It is not secure and carries advertisements. Those wishing to use an email List that carries no advertisements and ... more
            • Email Lists Part 2John Feltham, Sat Feb 26 6:24am
              I forgot to mention that archives will be kept and photos or attachments can be sent with emails.
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