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Paul Davies
Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:28pm


If Tich Palliser can join facebook, then so can you... come and join the fun - the facebook group is too quiet!!!

Keep smiling


  • The Few and the Forum.Paul Davies, Wed Feb 23 8:37pm
    Hi Mark, Pip, John or whoever Before we lose, what has been a marvellous source of information for events, news,gatherings of The Few, Anniversaries and books and tv documentaries, new Aircraft... more
    • Paul Davies — Kizzy, Wed Feb 23 9:28pm
      • For KizzyPaul Davies, Fri Feb 25 8:51am
        Hi Kizzy Sorry, but for the reasons above, namely attacks on me by some anonymous poster, I will decline, thank you. However that is not to say I will not bob in occasionally or perhaps find some... more
      • For KizzyPaul Davies, Wed Feb 23 10:49pm
        For dear Kizzy`s sake I may be pursuaded. I will see. I keep posting final posts! Then I make sure my manners are correct and that I have not missed someone either here or on private email;I have had ... more
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