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Save the records of the forum posts for posterity?
Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:40pm

Hi Dennis and all of you

That is the question I was going to ask as my final post.

I have wondered if all of this knowledge, this database, will be lost in the mists of time. I t seems a pity as so much has been learned and will then be lost.

What a waste.

Also, do we not owe this, as a memory to when the Few are no longer here, for us to remember them and the nice things we have said and done to perpetuate their memory and deeds?

The loss of all that has been, in the past, posted here of interest and wich, some of it been relevant to tv, film or books, not least to the education of future generations. The forum has corrected myths, righted erroneous (wrong) passages in books. It also has had many authors, Documentary Makers, Historians, Ground crew or people involved in 1940, not to mention the relatives of The Few, who perished or who have passed on since on here.

The pilots have been represented by Tim and others and we should preserve these, Doug Tidy`s and other posts of value if not all of them.

I now say good bye to all friends and people who have replied to my posts or given good feedback. I hope that something, at least of mine, has helped in some way, to further the interest in The Few and what they acheived in the Battle of Britain.

My wish is that the forum will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and acheive it former glory once again.

I have taken a decision, as some have, not to be a part of this anymore and leave with many happy memories, some good friends gained from on here, in the u.k and abroad, this means you, Zoraida, and others, thank you for your shared passion, ideas and humour;I salute you all.

Thank you to all on here who have made the last couple of years, especially the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain the best of the many Anniversaries I remember. I was born in 1960 and dont remember that 20th, but have followed from 1940, 1980 and so on;I have the commeroarative mugs, mags and all to remember them by. This year past, I take many happy memories and lots of souvenir books, but most of all a joy at finally meeting the survivors of The Few, in May, 2010.

This has has been a link to my past, loking in dusty out of print book shops in places all over the world, searching for hidden treasures;books written by the pilot`s themselves, treasures like Arise to Conquer, by Ian Gleed, wartime copies and Spitfire, Spitfire Pilot, Fighter Pilot and others. This was reliving my past, from being around 12 onwards when reading in the 70s on these marvellous men;The Few.

Here is my tribute to the people of the forum, for all of their help and the education I have received;I thank you all.

My Poem to The Few

I dedicate this to them

And especially to all of you.


Paul Davies

The Battle of Britain- by Paul Davies

The Battle of Britain is done
No more 109s falling from the sun
No Spitfires flying low overhead
Their pilots remember friends long dead
who fell from the limitless blue of the sky;
They died for freedom, for you and I

On the old Airfields, in fading light
you might be mistaken by the sight
of a Hurricane landing from afar
it`s landing light shining like a star
returning to Earth from a battle in the sky
you might be mistaken, as night draws nigh.

The Scramble jarred them to the bone
sent pilots racing from the telephone
Controllers gave instructions to them overhead,
to some listening, these were the last words said
Bombers were sighted;Here comes the test
Where to start on this lot, where are the rest?

Over England`s fields and its people below
those desperate combats by contrails showed
the winners and losers in high blue battle
twisting and turning from guns that rattled
from fighters diving from the sun like gold
That saw the end of Heroes bold

Some 109s dived fast, unseen
their canon-shells hit in between
the cockpit and the engine bay
the flames came in, they heard him say;
"I`ve had it, I am baling out"
then saw the Spitfire roll about

The Merlin engine now was stopped
a blue man falling, like a stone he dropped
Falling from high in the limitless blue
his Spitfire falls like an arrow true
striking the Earth with exploded light
the pilot`s `chute had burned away
his duty had been done this day.

Churchill had these words to say,
which is even more relevant now today;
"Never in the field of human conflict
was so much owed by so many to so Few".
Please remember those who died for you.


Poem written by Paul Davies in tribute to The Few.


  • The Forum's ArchivesDennis Boswell, Wed Feb 23 8:44pm
    If the BoB Forum does "go away," what happens to all the archival data accumulated over the last two years that exists in machinable form - ready for transport over to whatever might become the Forum ... more
    • Save the records of the forum posts for posterity? — Paul Davies, Wed Feb 23 10:40pm
      • Hi Paul The Forum archives will not close and I can access as requested any item required But to make copies of suitable data may take some time. You did give a lisk that I will look at Mark
        • Battle of Britain Forum Mk1aPaul Davies, Thu Feb 24 11:49pm
          HI Mark Thank you. It is just that not only have I learnt a lot from the forum with fresh and corrected information, sifted from myths of the Battle of Britain but then, when the Mk1a version forum... more
      • John Wheeler, Mark SmithPaul Davies, Wed Feb 23 11:00pm
        Hi to both of you. I have not forgotten the DVDs I am recording for you and for Bill Green, Mark. I have just sought advice on how to format the discs, and which type, DVD +RW which will work,... more
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