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John Wheeler, Mark Smith
Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:00pm

Hi to both of you.

I have not forgotten the DVDs I am recording for you and for Bill Green, Mark. I have just sought advice on how to format the discs, and which type, DVD +RW which will work, hopefully, also in the Us of A, John?

Please keep in touch, as I know you have in the past off forum.

That goes to any others who wish to contact me this way as I fear I shall not be on Facebook.

Kizzy is trying to pursuade me but recent things have caused me to think about this;I dont know, I will see.

As I say in my tribute to all of you on here, somewhere above this, thank you all, I have had the best of times and life will now return to normal, and boring!

You may see my poem in Scramble! Magazine hopefully. I leave this as my tribute to The Few, and to all of you. This is shown above, also.

Sorry, to my long suffering wife of 20 years!

I am now flaring for landing, flaps and undercarriage are down, throttle is coming back,


we settle on 3 points.

Trundling to a stop.

Switches off.

(Sounds of me climbing out onto the metal wing of my Spitfire).

Goodby all.

Paul Davies

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    • Hi Paul The Forum archives will not close and I can access as requested any item required But to make copies of suitable data may take some time. You did give a lisk that I will look at Mark
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    • John Wheeler, Mark Smith — Paul Davies, Wed Feb 23 11:00pm
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