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Re: Our Heroes
Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:19am

Hi Wendy,
Hope you had a terrific time at Aces High.

Aren't we naughty : )

Forum should be down today..I think Doug Tidy is playing games!
I had a few spooky signs from him yesterday. : )

Yes have a lovely day yourself...bit of blue sky out there even.

  • Our HeroesWendy, Thu Feb 24 9:57am
    Good morning Pip, Just a note to say Thankyou, that was terrific!! Have a lovely day Pip - because of them we can : ) wx
    • Re: Our Heroes — pip. , Thu Feb 24 10:19am
      • Aces HighWendy, Thu Feb 24 11:04am
        Hello Pip, I have tried sending you an email in regard Aces High but the mail delivery service says it can't be delivered? Have tried both your addresses?? Over quota??? I'll try again later! Wx
        • Over Quota and how.pip. , Thu Feb 24 11:08am
          Yip and as usual 'The Cobbler ' is too busy to help me out at the mo. Need to wait til this evening. So sorry...a dunce at the keyboard here : ))
          • Over QuotaJohn Wheeler, Thu Feb 24 1:55pm
            Hey, Just got the same message when I tried to email you. Figured out that I changed the link on the main BoBHS website, but you can still access and post on the forum through a direct link to it.... more
            • Re: Over Quotapip. , Thu Feb 24 2:46pm
              Will tell you how to do it this evening...when I ask Ric. I thought perhaps you had ( accidentally on purpose ) switched ME off instead of the forum : )))) Probably a better bet!!
              • turn offJohn Wheeler, Thu Feb 24 3:01pm
                I've turned many women off in my day! Think the boys might be having a bit of fun with us in not letting me shut this damned thing off!
                • Reckon they arepip. , Thu Feb 24 4:28pm
                  Nice one Cyril : ))) I think those Boys are having a field day!!! Must be calling us all manner of choice names : ) Someone once sent me a letter from Tuck to Barthropp.......the language!!!... more
                  • Re: Email Issuespip. , Thu Feb 24 8:14pm
                    Hi John Having a $%$$% ...of a time here today. Huge problems with my computer, then curly balls here if I try to reply. I just zapped you off an e-mail with a few explainations....hope you got it.... more
      • Re: Our Heroespip. , Thu Feb 24 11:02am
        What the heck...till we close.. Tidying( literally ) out my overloaded in box I came across a few of Doug's messages.. YouTube - Puppet singing Everything Stops for Tea by Jack Buchanan... more
        • Another Tidy Joke .pip. , Thu Feb 24 11:06am
          Superb! "Send reinforcements we are going to advance". Message as taken by soldier: "Send three and fourpence we are going to a dance". Love Doug
          • Re: Another Tidy Joke .p., Thu Feb 24 11:10am
            Punctuation can make a difference too. "Not getting any better. Come home" wife sent telegram Soldier received it as "Not getting any. Better come home". Love Doug
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