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John Wheeler
Over Quota
Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:55pm (XFF:


Just got the same message when I tried to email you. Figured out that I changed the link on the main BoBHS website, but you can still access and post on the forum through a direct link to it. Think Mark has to do something. Kind of funny though.


  • Over Quota and how.pip. , Thu Feb 24 11:08am
    Yip and as usual 'The Cobbler ' is too busy to help me out at the mo. Need to wait til this evening. So sorry...a dunce at the keyboard here : ))
    • Over Quota — John Wheeler, Thu Feb 24 1:55pm
      • Re: Over Quotapip. , Thu Feb 24 2:46pm
        Will tell you how to do it this evening...when I ask Ric. I thought perhaps you had ( accidentally on purpose ) switched ME off instead of the forum : )))) Probably a better bet!!
        • turn offJohn Wheeler, Thu Feb 24 3:01pm
          I've turned many women off in my day! Think the boys might be having a bit of fun with us in not letting me shut this damned thing off!
          • Reckon they arepip. , Thu Feb 24 4:28pm
            Nice one Cyril : ))) I think those Boys are having a field day!!! Must be calling us all manner of choice names : ) Someone once sent me a letter from Tuck to Barthropp.......the language!!!... more
            • Re: Email Issuespip. , Thu Feb 24 8:14pm
              Hi John Having a $%$$% ...of a time here today. Huge problems with my computer, then curly balls here if I try to reply. I just zapped you off an e-mail with a few explainations....hope you got it.... more
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