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Battle of Britain Forum Mk1a
Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:49pm

HI Mark

Thank you.

It is just that not only have I learnt a lot from the forum with fresh and corrected information, sifted from myths of the Battle of Britain but then, when the Mk1a version forum goes down, I feared all this would go to waste.

My own contributions are from books, tv and so on, but the more serious researchers, Historians, Authors as well as the witnesses or relatives, who have more valuable information on the events from 1940 should see their work available for future researchers or students, like myself, who wish to know more. It is a shame for this to be lost, and then to thread through the misty years to find this information, that we have had at source on here, lost back in the mists of time.

I know now that you are on the case and I can rest easy.

Thank you for all of your hard work, your brother would have been proud of you, Mark.

I will not be on the new Mk2 forum, so I will say Goodbye.

Paul Davies

  • Hi Paul The Forum archives will not close and I can access as requested any item required But to make copies of suitable data may take some time. You did give a lisk that I will look at Mark
    • Battle of Britain Forum Mk1a — Paul Davies, Thu Feb 24 11:49pm
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