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Thanks Mark
Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:14am

Thanks Mark

could you please get rid of the tiresome little man that keeps attacking me on here. His IP Adress is shown above with the post, the reason I left, as title.

He has been deleted a few times and I am seeking to find him alternate ways if he persists.

I will also be seeking a case against him if he continues or slanders or otherwise my name, now, or after the forum Mk1 goes down in any forum that replaces it.

I know he can be traced and that there are indications that he also uses a computer from abroad?

  • Re: SOME PAST POSTSMark Andrew, Thu Feb 24 9:33am
    Thanks A good post and I can access the archives as requested by some posters
    • Thanks Mark — Paul, Fri Feb 25 12:14am
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