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Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:53am

My very good and trusted friend John Feltham..British ex RAF living in Australia, has come up with this idea and offer.


I have been concerned at the way the BoB Forum ended up.

It appears that some people do not understand how Facebook works. Facebook is not suitable for the task that people on the Forum want to use it for.

I have run and continue to run quite a lot of Email Lists for my own various interests.

I have run two Lists since 1996 and currently run four with a company located in Cambridge called Mythic-Beasts. I run a few others with other hosters.

I have set up a new Email List with Mythic-Beasts called "BoB".

If you are interested in joining this new Email List then please write back to me and I'll carry our a 'manual subscription' for you.

To assist you in your decision I am printing here the List 'rules' or 'guidelines' - they are not written in stone and can be massaged into whatever we want them to be.



Welcome to the BoB List.

This "Welcome" msg will be amended from time to time to reflect discussions held with Listers.

IMPORTANT. Please take a few moments to place a copy of this Welcome msg in a safe place where you know you will be able to find it. You may need to refer to it from time to time.

The List is free to use by all members of the List, no charges will be imposed - at any time.

No advertisements will appear in this List.

List Rules, in NO particular order:

1. Members Email Address and Name will appear in any msg that they send to the List. Anonymous msgs will not be posted to this List. When joining this List your name must be supplied. "Nom de plumes" are not acceptable.

2. When replying to a msg you are expected to remove all the extraneous part of the msg that you are replying to. This will make your msg neat and tidy and easy to read. It will also allow for quick searches of the List archives. The Admin will inform you by private email if you are not carrying out these instructions.

3. There are no limits set, at present, to the length of any msg. However the Admin has the ability to change that, if it is abused.

4. Mail will be sent out as soon as the List receives it. The 'Digest' facility is turned off.

5. Msgs that are sent to this List, that also are being sent to other addresses by way of the BCC field must not exceed 10 other email addresses otherwise the msg will bounce back to the sender.

6. It is expected that because this is a closed List, no SPAM will appear in this List. All efforts to establish to bona fides of a new subscriber will be undertaken by the Administrator of the List.

7. The List Archives are set to "Monthly".

8. You may remove yourself from this List at ANY time. The address to send your 'unsubscribe msg" to, is on the bottom of EVERY Email that you receive from this List.

9. To send msgs to the BoB List send them to: -

10. If you wish to complain about a msg which appears in this List then do so either DIRECT to the original writer or if you choose not to do that then to the BoB List Administrator.[] The Administrator will then deal with the matter.

11. Should the Adminstrator declare a topic to be CLOSED you should not respond to any more of those msgs. To do so will place you in danger of having your BoB msgs stopped or worse.....removed from the BoB List.

12. The List has been set up to accept photographs or other attachments, not exceeding 3 Mb in size, in each msg.

13. Any SPAM sent to the List automatically arrives only on the Administrators desk-top. ;-(

John Feltham
BoB Administrator.

Last Amended 20110226


John Feltham

    • For Everyonepip. , Mon Feb 28 8:51am
      Quickie John has asked me to inform you all. This is open to everyone and not by invitation only . Thanks pip
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