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Re: S.O.S
Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:16am (XFF:


As the site is still open until we recover some of the archives I am still monitoring it.

Paul has responded and I assume the new ' forum ' has been set up by you.

Can you please contact me by email


  • S.O.SJohn, Sat Feb 26 2:52am
    Hi Has this sites. said was Going, why his the posting still working.whats the differnce.? if there is Adds on. Why Can't We still discus the Battle britain. John
    • Re: S.O.S — Mark Andrew, Sat Feb 26 10:16am
      • Mark, Sat Feb 26 10:29pm
        HI Mark Sorry, I was trying to help John as he seems to have missed the news and I wondered how soon the forum would disapear, or freeze? I am nothing to do with Facebook or the new forum. Kizzy is... more
    • A Lifebelt for John!Paul Davies, Sat Feb 26 8:27am
      Hi John, my good friend Most are continuing on Facebook due to the forum coming away from the main site due to the reasons of ads and other issues highlited on pages below. However if you cannot get... more
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