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Mark Andrew
Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:29pm

HI Mark

Sorry, I was trying to help John as he seems to have missed the news and I wondered how soon the forum would disapear, or freeze?

I am nothing to do with Facebook or the new forum. Kizzy is doing something and also I think John Wheeler is putting the link to this on the main BoBHSc site "our forum" link.

Also John Feltham is seting up an email list for invited parties only I think, to stop the problems with others that we have had.

Apart from this its Rob from and perhaps Kristen also, I am not sure.

As I say on the replies to various old friends that I have made on here;I probably may not be on the new site if it is facebook. I have had problems with this and dont like how it is open access for anyone to know your business and other issues that I wont go into.

Thanks once again to Bill Bond for this idea, to Pip for carrying the torch for so long in the darkness, and to you for all your hard work with this and the plaques and schools projects, in furthering the education of what really happened in 1940.

I just got back from Harrogate and was in Bettys, where I always thought that this was the meeting place for Bomber crews when in town, then it was Betty`s bar. This was in addition to the Bettys Bar in York.

However, the original Betty`s was across the road in Harrogate, where now Nat West bank is.

The WAAF were stationed in a big centre or headquaters in Harrogate, hence the mutual meeting place, around the corner.

The main Bomber crew meet up was the one in York, however and also the pubs including The Saracen`s Head in Lincoln, near the Cathedral.

What was good to see in Harrogate was the amount of Wreaths for the RAF lads at the senotaph there, they are replaced regularly. It is good to see that this is not just November 11th.

I was sat in a french bistro in Harrogate looking at white clouds rolling by and the blue sky above and was inspired to write another poem, which is in skeleton form now, but when I have finished it, I will let you have a copy, you may use it, if suitable, for how you see fit.

Best wishes in all that you do and in the future, Mark.

My email is and anyone from here can contact me on this.

Paul Davies

  • Re: S.O.SMark Andrew, Sat Feb 26 10:16am
    John As the site is still open until we recover some of the archives I am still monitoring it. Paul has responded and I assume the new ' forum ' has been set up by you. Can you please contact me by... more
    • Mark Andrew —, Sat Feb 26 10:29pm
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