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Amy Johnson Mystery-Andy Saunders
Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:37pm

Andy Saunders has hinted, earlier on the forum to me that he knows some new information on the Amy Johnson mystery.

The story as covered by Constance Babbington-Smith in her book on Amy, and others, state that the Airspeed Oxford trainer that Amy Johnson was to ferry down south, took off for the last time from Blackpool Airfield. There has been witnesses who say that there was a man seen talking with her in the cockpit before take off. A suggestion is that someone hitched a ride. The facts are that later, around 3 hours over due, she was seen to bale out over Barrage Balloons oover the sea in the Thames Esuary area. The ship that was coming to her rescue, ran aground and was delayed so that Amy was suffering from exposure when it came up within 5 feet of her. The swell caused the stern of the ship to go on top of her and she was never seen again. There are witnesses who say a member of the ship definitly dived in to save the other person and was seen holding them up;this was another person not a bag as has been suggested.

Is this what Andy has solved? Who this was? Or where Amy`s body was found? Or is it the aircraft wreckage he has found?

There will be something out by him but perhaps an article rather than a book.

Best wishes

Paul Davies

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